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My First Attempt at GMAT

July 11,2012

Today Morning, i got up with a thought, i am going to ace this thing. Deep down, my instinct said the reverse.But i was not ready to let my hopes down. The day started pretty cheerful, but i didn’t know worst was yet to come. I got everything done, went to the test center at the right time, met couple of people, talked to them. But, something happened, when i started the test i knew it wasn’t going to be great. I did my AWA – less than satisfied. Told my self, that’s OK move on. I did IR good i think, though i could do only 10/12 questions. During the 8 minute break, i went to the bathroom, did a little pep talk – some how, i wasn’t as cheerful as i should have been. Quant section went OK. I knew i wasn’t at my best. I knew i did a few mistakes, so the second time i went for the break, i did better pep talk, but i could see myself, going with my face down. I lost the verbal section, even before i took it. Verbal section was mad, though i know i did CR a bit OK, and RC also, i knew i lost out big time on SC (which, i was really good at in the beginning). I wasn’t expecting much yet i prayed, before i clicked the next button. There i saw 620 (VA 30 QA 46) Pop out! I couldn’t believe myself! I knew it wasn’t my best day, but i knew i wasn’t that bad. Yah, I am devastated, not because it is a bad mark, because i sacrificed too much for this mark – job promotion which could mean a better resume, i let down my parents yet again and yet again, i proved a lot of people that i am good for nothing and that they were right. It feels really bad to think of such things. The first 30 minutes after the exam was the worst, people kept calling me, i didn’t answer them. I thought about all the things that happened the past couple of days, if you have been watching my Keeping Score section, you would know, i was doing really bad in verbal, sometimes i just got lucky, but most of the times, i didn’t fair that well. I had to relay on luck, but, luck chose someone else today. I knew, it wasn’t going to be a great day, but for 2 Months of hard work – i know i am not a genius kind, i wasn’t the hard work kind up until GMAT , but i always was a never-giveuper. I am ready to take beatings, if struggle is what i have to do to get what i wanted, i sure as hell give struggle a struggle!

After all this, i could see things clearly, i know deep down, i could still ace this thing. So, i am going to give it another shot, one last time! Since, i have already made too many blunders, i hope at least this time, i have a better chance!

You Haven’t really failed, if you haven’t given up!

I haven’t given it up yet! Yup, i am sad that, i will be missing first round of applications, but, thank god, i still have a chance for the second round!

Here is a brief note on what all i did to get 620 😛

Timeline: 2 Months before GMAT
Princeton(First Diagnostic)
430 (Yup, I sucked!)
First Round(OG practice tests)
Second Round (OG Practice tests)
Third Round(GMAT club tests)
Grockit (Diagnostic) Easy one
630 (Oops! I got to study harder)
Timeline: 1 Month Before GMAT
Fourth Round(Grockit)
Fifth Round (1000 series)
Full Length Tests:
Princeton Review
 610, VA(28)
 Both good moods. VA did only 22/41 took long time
CracK the GMAT  590 VA(18) QA (48)  Quant. good mood. Verbal Badmood
 690 VA(35) QA(49)
Both good mood. Quant Untimed. RC flop as usual. CR could’ve done better 
 Kaplan Free Test
 620 VA 30 QA 44
 Bad mood, just did to stick to the study plan. Lot of silly errors in QA. Verbal CR better. RC as usual. SC went down a bit.
 MCAT2 30-Jun
640 VA 35 QA 42 Not so great mood. Incomplete Quant 32/37. 38/42 Verbal 😦
 MCAT3 4-Jul
680 VA 35 QA 48
 QA – Untimed. Verbal 40/42 Lost out on CR. Rushed as i was running out of time.
GMAT PREP 7-Jul  700 VA 36 QA 49 Lost out on SC big time. CR looked good. RC improved. QA 4-5 silly errors! 😦 DS still hanging.
MCAT4 – 7-Jul  730 VA 41 QA 48  Again Lost out on SC Big time. RC did good. CR couple of errors. QA  at least 4-5 silly errors!! 😦 
MCAT5-8-Jul  670 VA 33 QA 50 Wasn’t satisfied with QA last night so focused real hard. But, Lost focus when it came to Verbal, became very restless. Sadly, I did 4 silly mistake of 7 wrong qs in QA. Verbal need a miracle 😦 SC out of touch. CR, losing touch. RC, ok if i could just focus.
MCAT6-9 Jul  750 VA 41 QA 51  Relatively easy Quants. (only 4-5 700 Question type). SC improved compared to last. RC – could avoid silly errors. CR have to focus. 
GMATPREP 2 – 9 JUL  680 VA 33 QA 49  DIDN’T Review. Now i can’t go back :(. Was too tired when i started verbal tried to focus, didn’t help i guess! 

July 11 2012 GMAT 620 VA 30 QA 46 AWA 5 and IR 5


4 thoughts on “My First Attempt at GMAT

  1. Happy yo c u r nearing your goal! 🙂 My best wishes to you!

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  3. Hey you have a truely useful website! kudos to your hardwork you will definitely reach you goal!
    i am sailing the same boat too! giving my second attempt in a month and a half probably! this time going for it hard!

    all the best to you!

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