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The will to succeed is important, but what's more important is the will to prepare. – Bobby Knight


Here is the List of Materials I use:

1. Manhattan 9 Strategic Guides, 5th Edition: Manhattan 9 Strategy guides are best suited for any beginner. They give you the start you are looking for. The guides usually start with basics and moves towards advance levels. The one thing i like about the guide is that, they don’t directly introduce you to the advance concepts. For those who are strong in basic math, would find the first half of the book uninteresting. Nevertheless, you will have something you didn’t know before. Their Sentence correction guide is the most comprehensive guide you can ever find. Must for non-native English speakers. There was a point, when i did Manhattan SC and scored a 90%+ accuracy, but i lost touch eventually. Manhattan Reading Comprehension guide is a bit brief. But, like every person who has aced GMAT would say, RC is all about finding which strategy works for you. So, i wouldn’t place my bets on Manhattan Reading Comprehension guide as i will for sentence correction Guide, nevertheless, its a good start for anybody. Manhattan’s Critical Reasoning guide, didn’t help me much, strictly speaking, I took a lot of notes, may be i didn’t understand it properly but I didn’t see much improvement. Quants – Manhattan tops, eyes closed. One more thing, i forgot to mention is that, Manhattan Quants guide have a cross reference to the Official guides, hence, once you are done with a chapter, you can go to OG and practice similar problems, it is especially good, when its a difficult topic like Word problems.

2. Powerscore Critical Reasoning Bible: I am planning to read it, will update it once i am done with it.

3. GMAT Official Guide 13: Well, what can i say, its the best material to work with, if you are looking for GMAT-Like questions.It isn’t much different from OG 12, but with the book comes the access to 50 Integrated Reasoning questions. Which is pretty useful in terms of IR workout.

4. GMATClub Tests: A little bit of extra practice always helps. GMATClub has a set of really interesting quant questions. Their verbal is optimal difficulty. But, their support – explanations are top-notch. Be forewarned, if you are to take all the GMATClub Tests it would take at least 2-3 weeks if you are spending average of 2-3 hours a day.

5. Grockit:A very good website if you want to map your strengths and weaknesses. They have around 2500 questions of Easy medium and hard types spread across various categories. One of the very good things about Grockit is that, if you want to practice Hard Critical Reasoning – Weaken, you can! You also can practice, critical reasoning as a whole or take a GMAT CAT Test! This is absolutely only for beginners. Once you are in 600 level, you can blindly chuck it.

6. 1000 Series: Its good for 600-700 levels. Also, donot over use it. about 300-400 questions should be enough.

7. Manhattan CAT: You get this free with any of the guide books There are 6 Manhattan CAT tests, It can be refreshed, once you are done with all the 6 CATs. MCAT math and IR is pretty brutal, but well very good for speed and practice. Verbal i felt is either GMAT level or just slightly below.

To practice all the above you need a good timer. One of the best i have seen is Time-Chaser 🙂 You can download if you sign up!

Enjoy your preparation! All the very best!


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  2. Was Powerscore useful? I find myself lacking behind in Boldface type questions.

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