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The will to succeed is important, but what's more important is the will to prepare. – Bobby Knight


Bschool Admissions fever catching up..

Bschool admission fever is slowing catching up and it seems like the room is getting warmer every day. Thanks to blogging community I was able to find couple of 2014 applicants like Tim and MBAgirljourney who are providing invaluable advice  and reminding me that apprehension is just part of the process. Mbagirljourney has already put a responsible financial planning (MBA is an expensive asset) and hmm0 has given his fair crack of the whip as well! . It is a lot better to know that I am not the only one who is trying to make sense of next two years to come!

With just about 2.5 – 3 months to the deadline I am just hanging by the sling. Though its enough time technically speaking if the priorities are set right – getting recommendations, sending out the essays and resume for review etc, are somethings I donot have control on. Setting a back-up for such tasks is very important, while prioritizing tasks.

I am planning to start my application season with  my long term short term goals in parallel to bschool research (residual of what was left last time). In between I am planning to visit ISB as well. There are a lot more things that I am yet to make list of , like bschool list (which I would like to revise now), priority list, etc etc.

Hopefully you are gearing up for an extraordinary MBA admission season as well!



A journery ends another begins!

The journey to high rollers began 5 months back. Today, it ends just to make way for another one. Officially cracked the big 700 bar in my second attempt (720 Q50 VA 38). What am I feeling right now??

Detailed post coming up in a couple of days, for now I am going to have a hellava break!


The Last Leg!

Yup, just about a week left for my Second (and final) GMAT. I have been bit itchy last couple of days as the pressure is mounting, since this will be the last attempt to actually think of even applying to my dream school. Though i am trying to play on the ground level (trying to not to go to excited state) I often find myself day dreaming nightmares! This has chewed up a some (a lot actually) of my practice time. So, finally i decided to chalk out a plan – i am not sure if i will stick to it, but it at least gives me something to look up to every day


1. Finish Up Bunuel’s Collections about 70+ Each of PS and DS

2. Finish up SriHari’s Posts

3. Finish About 50-70  30 700 Level Problems


1. RC – Finish up Aristotle 99

2. CR OG – Topicwise (100/140 Qs) – I seem to remember most of the answers. No use practicing.

3. CR – GMAT Prep Collection ( 15*6) did 15*2

4. SC – GMAT Prep Collection (15*4)

5. SC Brutal Series – 40/100 Remaining


Get at least 30-40 Questions Practice That is 5 A day Approximately


One hour for Concepts – Digging Internet. Get couple of practice during full length Tests.

Full Length tests:

Kaplan Diagnostic , GMAT Prep, and MCATs.


I Plan to sit and sort out the strategies (which I have complied since I first started GMAT preparation). This should take about 3 hours max. Took me about 5 hours! At least I am done with it!

Fingers crossed. I am sincerely hoping on the day of the exam I have all these checklists done! – Almost done. Might have missed about 20/30 qs in each.

I will keep updating this post as and when I complete something! (I have a reason to come back to the blog you see ;)) I am relaying on a bucket loads of tea and a truck loads of perseverance to go through this final lap.

Wish me the best ;)!



I am glad! Really Glad. 🙂 Yaye! This blog has been featured on one of the pioneering admissions consultants – ACCEPTED.COM. This good news knocked my door (Ok, actually peeped in to my mail box) at the right time. Why is that? Well, because, i have not been blogging much these days. I am just fighting to keep my head up, with preparation for my second GMAT, work and friends (Oh! Its marriages raining at my place!). Though i could use this blog to take my mind off things and let me tell you, i have got so much to share on my preparation that i would actually run out of words (sometimes, time) to chalk things down and create a proper blog post!

Frankly speaking, tiny little part of me wants to keep my nose under the water until the big day, the other part wants to SHOUT OUT LOUD – God when when will this be over! Clearly,i am confused to take sides, so i remain mum. But, this particular news definitely something to cheer about.  Thank you! You sure have raise the bars on the kind of posts i should be posting! I promise, i will try to meet the expectations!

Good Luck to you folks!