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The will to succeed is important, but what's more important is the will to prepare. – Bobby Knight

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Best of Web: July 20

The MBA Apps are shrinking – No not the number of people, but the number of words. A Long debreif, of the History of MBA Apps.

Admissionado’s Guide on How to Quantify Success

Massive list of BSCHOOL admission deadlines for 2012-13 by GMATCLub

Federal Loans will increase MBA Costs 😦 article by Business Week

How many people use MBA Consultants here is a report by Poets and Quants!


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Best of Web:July 14

UC Berkeley Haas is undergoing some serious changes unlike Wharton, Haas is transforming its campus to suite its identity. Clear Admit bring us an update on the same.

Are you losing momentum on your preparation? Well, here are a couple of things GMATPrep NOW suggests for its students (via Mind Tools)

Is retaking bad? Can I retake many times? If you have such questions, be sure to read Stacy Blackman’s article on Retaking GMAT

Beat the GMAT announces free MBA course, read this post for more details

Wall Street Journal reports on Mr.Madsen, former NBA Player who joined MBA at Stanford.

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Best of Web:July 13

Admissionado in their Tuesday Q & A answers the question regarding extra-curriculars. For those who are are a bit low-fat on extra-curricular diet, Admissionado has few things steaked up for you.

Stacy Blackman Writes about Kelley School Will Hold MBA Spot for Returning Military Personnel

Wharton is planing on turning things around a bit and here is what Poet and Quants have got to say about it. is conducting MBA tour in USA, get to meet representatives from various business schools and meet heads of many GMAT training agencies and get your doubts clarified.

Remember the movie Matrix? Well, of course you remember GMAT, but what is the relation between these two? Here is Kaplan’s take on Matrix and GMAT.