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Class of 2016 – Part 1

A.K.A. League of Extraordinary 2014 Blogger Applicants

A Lot of schools have been releasing their First class video, Orientation videos and for applicants like me who are sandwiched between career goals and three mistakes of my life (Pun intended Chetan Bhagat’s Book). Such videos cannot come at a better time than now! The adrenalin kicks in and I start to blog (not write my essays) sadly the essays have to take a break! So, No mambo-jumbos about my MBA application or the experience, I will directly storm in to the spotlight! 🙂

With No further Ado, introducing the class of 2016:

(In no particular Order)


I am a huge American Football fan and I distantly support Denver Broncos (NFL) and the University of Washington Huskies (College Football). Because of football, I have become somewhat of a fitness fanatic. I recently tried Cross fit and loved it!


Ellie is a small-town girl who aspired to live in big cities all her childhood and is thrilled to find herself in Washington DC. She is an engineer by education, who hated math growing up and didn’t want to be a software engineer, so started looking for a job that would let her write and speak and landed in advisory services for CXOs. This job first took her to Delhi and then brought her to DC a few years ago. Loves both her coffee and tea and has been known to have withdrawal symptoms when attempting to live without either for extended period of time. Also reads Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and LOTR in a loop.

Writing in Transit:

I studied abroad in Hong Kong during my Junior year in college. It was a great experience and where I first grew interested in consulting. I also did the world’s tallest bungee jump in Macau. My video:


I’m from the UK and sports mad – Football (Soccer!), Cricket, Snowboarding and Formula One in particular. I play both Football and Cricket regularly and am a fanatical Liverpool FC supporter. I also love travelling and have been around Europe and SE Asia widely.
I studied Engineering at University and work in the Cosmetics industry. This means I frequently drag my fiance into beauty stores to look at the products I make. This means I incur strange looks and incur both her wrath and embarrassment…I’m looking to study for an MBA mainly because it sounds interesting in itself and will open up a whole new world of opportunities to me!


I am a dad.  I love sushi.  I love to slappin’ the bass!  My favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


I don’t watch a ton of television, but I am very loyal to my favorite shows: Breaking Bad, Doctor Who, Mad Men and Walking Dead (AMC is doing television right). I really enjoy playing and watching soccer, which has to be one of my better habits because this taco addiction can’t be healthy. I once presented to my client a 10-slide, zombie apocalypse safety moment that included best practices and proper procedures…and lived!

A few words about me!

A big fat bar of chocolate is all I need to spill my secrets. And I have a pair of happy feet (which will dance to anything). I love my cycle (Firefox Rapide). I Admire Einstein, Rafa (Nadal), Steve Jobs & my dad. Not in that order.
With all those glitters and mischief.. until next time.
p.s: few more bloggers are knee deep with applications and GMAT on the way and have promised to get back by end of September. I will come up with Part 2 very soon :). Keep coming back to the blog!

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