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The will to succeed is important, but what's more important is the will to prepare. – Bobby Knight

Bschool Admissions fever catching up..


Bschool admission fever is slowing catching up and it seems like the room is getting warmer every day. Thanks to blogging community I was able to find couple of 2014 applicants like Tim and MBAgirljourney who are providing invaluable advice  and reminding me that apprehension is just part of the process. Mbagirljourney has already put a responsible financial planning (MBA is an expensive asset) and hmm0 has given his fair crack of the whip as well! . It is a lot better to know that I am not the only one who is trying to make sense of next two years to come!

With just about 2.5 – 3 months to the deadline I am just hanging by the sling. Though its enough time technically speaking if the priorities are set right – getting recommendations, sending out the essays and resume for review etc, are somethings I donot have control on. Setting a back-up for such tasks is very important, while prioritizing tasks.

I am planning to start my application season with  my long term short term goals in parallel to bschool research (residual of what was left last time). In between I am planning to visit ISB as well. There are a lot more things that I am yet to make list of , like bschool list (which I would like to revise now), priority list, etc etc.

Hopefully you are gearing up for an extraordinary MBA admission season as well!


2 thoughts on “Bschool Admissions fever catching up..

  1. Goodluck!! Hope to join this great community once I have given my GMAT in the next few weeks and sharing my process too. All of you who have already given GMAT are so much farther along in the process than the rest of us. So take heart 🙂 R1 Deadline are farther than they appear in this rear-view mirror for you.

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