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Review: Clear Admit’s ISB School Guide


I got a chance to grab my hands on the specially crafted School Guide by Clear Admit.  Honestly, I haven’t done much of a “research” on Indian School of Business.  Thankfully, this book came with a plateful. The book runs you through the “history” of the school – which I never considered important up until I read this book. It gave a clearer picture on the value system and vision of the school.Therefore helped me realize a connection between my dream and their value system.

Apart from that,I really enjoyed the detailed enlisting of curricular and co-curricular activities on the campus. It gave me a lot of reasons to think about what I could do apart from just graduate. The book also had very specific details such as temperature of the place apart from just the listing the facilities and clubs – it really shows Clear Admit’s commitment to provide every tiny detail of B-school experiences that an aspirant could encounter. Some of the details such as tie ups with other Bschools, the plethora visiting faculty coming from other B-schools made me realize its a global school after all as against its  name “Indian” school of business – which was the impression I had till now.

The book also had a couple of pages write up on special programs offered by ISB and grading systems as well. Woah! Isn’t that amazing? They actually prep for the class experience! 🙂 And Guess what?? The book doesn’t end there, they go a step beyond and actually talk about life after MBA – career services etc. This book is sure a pit stop for all the information you can ask for about a B-school.

I recommend the bunch of school guides for any B-school aspirant who is looking forward to learning about his or her dream school  – many of the stuff that is in there doesn’t show up on the goolge ;). Be ready, there is so much of information provided that, I am sure a single read wouldn’t be enough to grasp them all. While I am out to re-read book, you can go and grab a copy of School Guides by Clear Admit Today!

Last but not least, I am grateful to Clear Admit for offering me this opportunity to get nearer my goal! I appreciate all the effort that you put in this book and all other school guides that you offer! It is definitely a boon for us aspirants and a big TIME saver!! 😀 Thanks guys!


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