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The will to succeed is important, but what's more important is the will to prepare. – Bobby Knight


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After my recent debacle, i analyzed my mistakes. To put it in a sentence, my foundation, method of preparation and method of attacking a problem needed a big overhaul. So, I decided to focus more on the “subject” matter in verbal. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that i collected from the material online and from my own experience.

1. Focus on quality not quantity.
This specially applies to verbal and not quants. In Quants, more the practise more is the speed, as there is no confusion between right and wrong answers. But verbal it is not so. Verbal has got to do more with understanding basic concepts. So volume wouldn’t help if basic isn’t strong! Thus instead of focusing on materials such as 1000 series(non-GMAT types) focus on OGs and GMATprep. But spend quality time on each and every question.

2. Well the obvious question is how to spend quality time? It is pretty simple. While answering a question, read all the options and reason out why each option is wrong or right! That will actually improve your learning ability vs time curve by a very high margin! Instead of spending time on answering 5 question and going wrong on 3 questions. Spend the time on 2 questions and analyze every single option!

3. Review. Ok now you are done with a question. You could. E right or wrong. If you are right, go through the explanation and find out if there is some other way to reason out. Don’t ever move on to the next question/ session before doing the review. If you went wrong find out in what concept you went wrong – put it in your error log.

4. Make a list of questions you went wrong and review it in the end of the a study period – one or two weeks.

5. Before you sit for your study always go thru what you did yesterday – helps retaining concepts. Go thru error log as well so you don’t repeat the mistakes!

6. Make a separate question bank of really tough problems – the ones you too a long time to solve and still went wrong – keep them for final days. Make sure you tag them with their topics as well – that way you don’t miss out on any topic and it will be a great material for full fledged revision as well!

7. Don’t worry about timing too much in the beginning. But make sure you are not too slow. Taking 2 min for SC QUESTION is OK in the beginning. But taking 4 minutes is bad. Hope you get the idea!

Hope this article helped you! Don’t forget to send me your suggestions!

In the coming weeks, i shall post the section wise strategies – as and when i experience good and bad things during preparation!


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